TOUCH Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, L.P.

  Care. Respect. Acceptance.

Experience the Power of TOUCH...

I believe everyone needs and deserves TOUCH.

T - Therapeutic

O - Open-Hearted

U - Uplifting

C - Compassionate

H - Healthy

TOUCH is Therapeutic - massage and bodywork can be excellent in regaining or maintaining wellness.  Each time we meet, I will greet you with an Open-heartTOUCH, while relaxing, is Uplifting to the spirit.  You will be treated with Compassion and care.  TOUCH is Healthy - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Far too many people are TOUCH-deprived, and if you are one of those individuals, please know you are welcome at TOUCH Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. You won't be judged.  You will be acknowledged and affirmed for the person you are - I see YOU, not your diagnosis!

- Vonda VanHooser Laffey, LMT
Certified Compassionate Touch® Practitioner